Saturday 23 February 2019

Inspire: Meet the Latina Bringing Better Business Opportunities to South America

Denise Paredes is an Ecuadorian-American and the founder of Equal Uprise, a social enterprise that supports the work of native South American artisans by selling their unique products in her online store.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, we’re pretty sure you’ve noticed the tension over immigration growing in the US, following Trump’s rise to the presidency.

In an effort to shed some light on exactly what it is that immigrants bring to the United States, Bolder Woman will be highlighting exceptional immigrant women over the coming weeks.

The first lady on our list is a true Latin beauty with a heart for helping hardworking artisans build better businesses of their own.

The Woman Behind It All

Denise Paredes of Equal Uprise


At the age of 13, Denise Paredes immigrated to the United States from Ecuador.

Her passion for societal change and her love for her Ecuadorian roots led Paredes to leave behind her corporate career and build a social enterprise of her very own.

Equal Uprise is a socially conscious brand that offers unique accessories and home decor, hand-crafted beautifully by Ecuadorian and Tunisian artisans.

These artisans create gorgeous alpaca blankets, unique leather accessories and more, using traditional methods of production.

“In a world of mass production, my goal is to support & celebrate artisans that craft ethically made pieces…that are as unique as the person that made them.”
-Denise Paredes


The Gold Behind the Brand

The driving force behind Equal Uprise is the 4-phase Business Development Program that Paredes has implemented for each of her artisans.

With 10 percent of Equal Uprise’s profits, Paredes begins at the Funding stage and takes each artisan through detailed consulting and planning stages, ultimately pushing these plans into the final implementation stage in which each artisan’s business is significantly improved.



How Denise inspires us: Equal Uprise’s business development program directly impacts just a handful of people, but this impact is big.

We’re inspired to remember that creating positive change in the world doesn’t have to start with something huge; in fact, the bigger things get, the harder they are to control.

If you’re inspired to start a project like Denise’s, take on something you can manage well that won’t lost its effectiveness as it grows.

Check out Denise’s great interview with Forbes contributor Vivian Nunez and read about what it means to be a successful Latina businesswoman in America.

Do you have a great idea for a social enterprise? Or maybe you already run one. Tell us about it below and you might just be featured in our weekly Bolder Spotlight!



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