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Organizations and Celebrities Helping Syrian Refugees: How You Can Help, Too

Syria Civil Defense Fund

The White Helmets: Logo of Syrian Civil Defense Fund

“To save one life is to save all of humanity”
On April 4, 2017, President Bashar al-Assad launched a deadly sarin nerve attack against the Damascus suburb of Khan Sheikhun.

More than 50 people were killed, many of them women and children.

While Assad insisted that his opponents targeted a chemical plant that exploded, evidence shows that there was a crater in the center street of the town that could have only been created by a bomb.

Syria Airstrikes

Syrian refugees have been flooding from this country for years.

Khan Sheikhun sits only a few miles from Damascus, the capital of the embattled Syrian state where civil war has been raging for six years.

It began in 2011 with the “Arab Spring.”

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The Spring originally began in Cairo, Egypt and spread like wildfire throughout the Middle East. When it reached Syria, it ignited a revolution against the brutal Assad regime.

Many different factions took up arms and sides and began warring against each other. Today, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that if you’re one of the factions, you’re against at least three other factions; the conflict is that complicated.

Assad comes from a long line of rulers put in place by the British government nearly a century ago. The family was kept in place by other Western powers, including the United States.

Assad promised a secular government that would protect minorities. In fact, Assad himself is from a minority group, the Alawites.

Syrian Alawites

On paper, this sounds like a good thing when it comes to protecting minorities. But in reality, Assad has “kept the peace” by torturing and murdering his opponents.

Following the Arab Spring, many in Syria were inspired to rise up against Assad. Sadly, along with righteous anger, came the twisted violence of ISIS as well.

Assad responded to the good and bad with the same force. He’s against anyone he deems an enemy, including the innocent women and children of Khan Sheikhun.

Innocents considered necessary collateral damage.

On April 6, 2017, President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike against the base from which Assad had launched his attack against his own citizens.

Syria War

There are some who insist that the American response did little to quell the violence.

Trump called Putin, President of Russia, to warn him of the missile response ahead of time. To some, the show of force was just that, a show.

Only two days after the American missile response, Assad ordered several of his fighter jets to take off from that same base and attack again.

Much of the base had been left unharmed.

We may not see the conclusion of this conflict for some time, but the question must be asked—What about the innocent civilians? Who is going to save them while powerful governments, East and West, play with their lives?

There are many relief groups there now, on the border with Turkey and Lebanon, and even the State of Israel. They’re offering medical care, food, clothing, and support to these deeply suffering refugees.

Syrian Civil Defence's White Helmets dig through rubble to rescue trapped and injured civilians.

Even the Trump Travel Ban against refugees from Syria has been held up in American courts indefinitely, and approved refugees are getting in.

Many churches, synagogues, and other organizations around the world have welcomed refugees with open arms and are helping them start new lives elsewhere.

To help the refugees, consider donating to or

Check out what these celebrities are doing to help people as well, and perhaps, their compassion will help drive yours. @jk_rowling,@Alyssa_Milano



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